Without question CitiMortgage’s quality and efficiency has improved which reduces the cost of tax penalties, cancelled insurance, etc. Where CitiMortgage really saves is on real estate, equipment, phones, etc. CitiMortgage has better control of each process which keeps all the outside auditors and regulators happy. All of this is worth something but there is no way to determine how much.

Darin Lenger, Escrow Management Services, CitiMortgage

I cannot speak highly enough of (Crowell’s) professionalism and competence. They consistently exceeded my expectations for completing things on schedule; they required little direction, listened carefully, and insisted on getting questions answered clearly. Their approach to our needs was always creative; they looked for ways to improve functionality and usability. They were patient and thorough about rooting out bugs or making changes to meet new requirements…demonstrated an outstanding technical proficiency in database design and implementation.

Maurice H. Lanman, Systems Engineering, Alcatel Network Systems

When Boeing was looking for a tool to assist with building S1000D Business Rules, it selected Decision Point™. This tool is currently in use by Boeing and helps the user navigate through the process in creating S1000D Business Rules.

Warren L. Smith, Technical Publications, CDG, a Boeing Company